Ways to Serve in Our City


Events and Initiatives 


Restore OKC's Classroom Care Teams

Starting in September, you can volunteer once a month to help a Thelma R. Parks Elementary teacher. This is such a great opportunity for us as the community to love on our kids, but more importantly, love on our teachers. If you are interested in volunteering, click the link below to register! A care team is made up of 6-8 adults who adopt a classroom together. Your team will rotate going to serve your classroom in pairs, serving 1-2 hours per week. So, if you had 8 team members and rotated in pairs, that means that you would serve 1-2 hours each month. Before you are allowed to volunteer, you have to have a background check. The link can be found below. If you have any questions contact Emilie Davis at edavis@frontlinechurch.com

Care Team Sign Ups 

For more info on Restore, visit www.restoreokc.org

Push Back Darkness Grants

We’re taking a portion of our Global Compassion Offering from Christmas Eve 2021, and putting it back into the hands of our community groups to meet needs and show the love of Jesus in our communities. We’re calling these Push Back Darkness Grants. From now until the end of 2022, each Frontline community group has a chance to apply for financial assistance to meet specific needs. 

You see the needs with your own eyes in your neighborhoods, and as a church we want to help you be the ones to meet those needs and push back darkness. Creativity is encouraged! Last year we saw groups: repaint the homes of single moms, build wheelchair ramps built for the disabled, and renovate teachers lounges and outdoor classrooms for schools in need. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with this year!



City Partners

Frontline partners with many non-profits in our city who work to love people and push back darkness.

Learn more about our City Partners below or visit the City Partner board in the back of the sanctuary on a Sunday to find out how you can serve.

Homeless Alliance:

The Homeless Alliance works to end long-term homelessness in Oklahoma City by building the capacity of the community through collaboration with other agencies, identifying and filling gaps in homeless services, bringing nationally-recognized best practices to the community, and working to build a system that is more efficient, rational, and caring.

The Homeless Alliance operates several housing programs for families with children, coordinates a community effort to house veterans and people who are chronically homeless, operates the IT infrastructure used by homeless-serving agencies in central Oklahoma, and publishes The Curbside Chronicle, a magazine that provides a voice and legitimate source of income for people who are homeless.


To volunteer with the Homeless Alliance click here: VOLUNTEER

City Rescue Mission:

For nearly 60 years, City Rescue Mission has been a beacon of hope to thousands in Oklahoma City and beyond. We’re here to help ecause sometimes bad things happen in life, leading people to make choices that lead them to a dark place. Without a good support system, people can turn to drugs, alcohol and crime, landing them on the cusp of homelessness.

City Rescue Mission offers a path back to hope. Instead of indefinite shelter, we offer a clean, safe, temporary place to stay and successful programs and services to help people transform their lives for the better.

Restore OKC:

Every community has unique strengths, history & challenges. We don’t believe that large percentages of any community become captive to generational “cycles” simply because one thing is broken. If the problems are multi-faceted, the answer should be too. That’s why our approach is a little different. We aren’t relief, we are redevelopment and we do that in the context of relationships. Neighbors serve on the board, on each team & speak into ground level change. If we are doing it right, a family who connects to one arm of RestoreOKC will connect to 3 others until they are stable and able to share out of the abundance of resources back with the community and become part of the redevelopment with us.