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Serve the City

Frontline partners with many non-profits in our city who work to love people and push back darkness.

Learn more about our City Partners below or visit the City Partner board in the back of the sanctuary on a Sunday to find out how you can serve.

Stand in the Gap:

Stand in the Gap impacts the lives of orphans, widows, and prisoners across Oklahoma by surrounding them with a community to love, serve, and know them.

City Rescue Mission:

For nearly 60 years, City Rescue Mission has been a beacon of hope to thousands in Oklahoma City and beyond. We’re here to help ecause sometimes bad things happen in life, leading people to make choices that lead them to a dark place. Without a good support system, people can turn to drugs, alcohol and crime, landing them on the cusp of homelessness.

City Rescue Mission offers a path back to hope. Instead of indefinite shelter, we offer a clean, safe, temporary place to stay and successful programs and services to help people transform their lives for the better.

Restore OKC:

Every community has unique strengths, history & challenges. We don’t believe that large percentages of any community become captive to generational “cycles” simply because one thing is broken. If the problems are multi-faceted, the answer should be too. That’s why our approach is a little different. We aren’t relief, we are redevelopment and we do that in the context of relationships. Neighbors serve on the board, on each team & speak into ground level change. If we are doing it right, a family who connects to one arm of RestoreOKC will connect to 3 others until they are stable and able to share out of the abundance of resources back with the community and become part of the redevelopment with us.

Cross and Crown Ministry:

Cross and Crown serves OKC in multiple ways with various ministry opportunities including a food and clothing pantry, a legal clinic, a baby room, recovery and medical ministries, and mentoring.