Kids: Elementary

Elementary (1st to 5th Grade) 

Parents, we want to partner with you to see Christ made real to our kids. Each Sunday in Frontline Kids, our goal is to provide elementary students with a safe and fun environment to explore the claims of Jesus Christ in community with other kids. Our prayer is that every child has a life-changing encounter with Jesus and receives His gift of salvation. And we hope each child continues to experience God in such a way that they are challenged to love God, love people, and to push back darkness in their world between Sundays.

We are excited that you are interested in what God is doing, and we hope this information is helpful. Please contact us with any questions! 


We begin Frontline Kids check-in 15 minutes before our 3 service times (9am, 11am, 5pm) each Sunday. Upon entering the building a Frontline Kids volunteer will welcome you, gain necessary information to check your children, and show you the space where your child will be. You will receive a check-out sticker, which all parents are required to show to check-out their child. Your child will be placed in a Small Group with other children their age to open the Scriptures, explore the things of God, and have fun while they do it!


Your child’s safety is our first priority. All of our volunteers are background-checked, interviewed, and vetted before they begin serving with our children. We have security guards posted during each service, and anyone who enters a classroom is required to have a Frontline security badge. 

In the event of a building emergency, you will be notified as to when and where it is safe to receive your children.


Our worship is fun! We value gospel-rich songs to help disciple our kids. We utilize several worship videos from trusted churches like The Austin Stone and Summit Church (Raleigh), and leaders lead our kids in worship with these songs! Check out our Spotify playlist for a complete list of songs! Frontline Kids Worship


We love to partner with you to teach the Bible to your kids! We believe the Bible is the center and chief authority in every believer’s life, whether that believer is old or young. We write our Elementary curriculum with the intention of highlighting the complete and holistic narrative of Scripture, which points to Jesus throughout both the Old and New Testament. And we work to promote skills that will allow each young person to explore Scripture for themselves. During our Small Group times, kids will participate in activities that are relevant to their age, learning style, and developmental level to help reinforce the truths learned that day.


We know that it is Jesus who saves people. Each week, our volunteers spend time praying that the kids of our community will meet Jesus at Frontline Kids. That they will get to know what He says in Scripture and learn how to follow Him. We want kids to value Scripture, prayer, community, and giving, and to learn how each of these are beautiful elements of a life of worship. For all of these reasons, our leaders and volunteers hope to work alongside you to disciple young people who will live on mission to love God, love people, and push back darkness in their world.

How Can I Serve?

Are you interested in being a part of what God is doing to reach and disciple the next generation through the ministry of Frontline Kids? We would love to talk with you about your heart for kids and how you can use your gifts! Click here to get started


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